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Welcome to Source of Supply in Polyurethanes, Inc, a premier supplier of packaging equipment, foam equipment, packaging foam, a&b liquid foam, spray foam, insulation foam, expanding foam, polyurethane foam, flotation foam and Oil and Gas Pipeline foam and equipment.

Source of Supply in Polyurethanes was incorporated and started doing business in 1992. In mid 1993 the Corporate office was relocated and incorporated in the State of Florida.

The company has offices in  Florida, Georgia and California, customer field training and technical support are handled out of Georgia and chemical suppliers in other various locations. This geographical set-up allows us the ability to assist our customers in all their product and service needs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Spray Foam on Modern Marvels

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SSP sells and services all Graco Equipment, which we consider the finest in the industry. We stock Fusion Gun Parts for immediate shipment and can also support your needs in the Glas-Craft Equipment area for a limited time.
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SSP sells various manufacturers foam guns available for all industry needs. The leader of the spray foam industry being what we consider the best “the Fusion Gun” by Graco.
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SSP is a distributor for  various manufacturers of both open and closed cell foams for all aspects of the foam industry, along with polyurethane coatings.
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