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Source of Supply in Polyurethanes was incorporated and started doing business in the state of New York in 1992. In mid 1993 the Corporate office was relocated and incorporated in the state of Florida. For the next 10 years the company remained somewhat focused on polyurethane products as well as other floral industry products.

The company has offices in Florida, Georgia and California, customer field training and technical support are handled out of Georgia and chemical suppliers in other various locations. This geographical  setup  allows us the ability to assist our customers in the construction of their spray rigs if needed.

In 2004 the company reviewed the industry’s future, and decided to focus  our efforts in the polyurethane industry of flotation foam, insulation foam, and pipeline pillows and breakers. In redirecting the company’s business plan, Source of Supply in Polyurethanes has become a well known name in supplying the gas and oil pipeline industry with foam chemicals and Graco/Glasscraft equipment. Graco manufactures the most advanced and customer friendly equipment on the market.  These products  assure top quality in the construction of our underground piping systems throughout the country. The advantage of using foam is found both in time savings and cost effectiveness.  Our company also supplies protective coatings for the pipes exterior that can be applied utilizing  our equipment.

Other applications of foam  use are flotation foam used by boat manufacturers such as Tracker Marine, packaging foam used by companies like Honeywell and L3 Communication Systems, architectural foam used by most of your large Theme parks,  hazardous material containment as in mercury infected grounds and electric power plants such as Polman Powers Electric Plant for structural and insulation purposes.

The company also has seen growth through the Spray on Insulation business that is rapidly expanding throughout the world.  Source of Supply in Polyurethanes went global in 2007 as we started selling overseas in countries looking for a better building solution to their energy needs. We decided to fine tune this area as the cost of oil has skyrocketed the past few years. By watching the changes in this industry we feel we can help those in the business to better understand what the future will bring.

The company sales and service is supported in the office by Michelle Cole.  Michelle handles the daily orders that come in by e-mail, phone or fax both on a professional and efficient level. Michelle also has the ability to assist customers with some types of technical questions as to both chemicals and equipment. She enjoys working very closely with both customers and suppliers to keep the company flowing smooth and efficiently.

Administration and technical support are handled by Bart De Rosso in the corporate office in Florida. Bart has been in the private sector of business for 30 years and thus is able to better understand what a customers needs are, and how to assist them in all aspects of our industry.

Sales, field installation and training are handled by JR Burnett.  JR has over 15 years experience in the polyurethane industry, and works closely with some of our suppliers in the Research and Development side of the foam industry. JR has always been there for many of the companies customers when they came upon something either abnormal or challenging in their markets.

Source of Supply in Polyurethanes can handle just about any concerns one would have in the foam market, and is only a call away from getting you the answers and orders for your jobs on hand or coming up in the near future.

As our company continues to grow in a positive pattern, our objective is to grow it in a controlled environment that enables us to keep a high degree of service to our customers and suppliers. We pride our self with an extremely good reputation over the 15 plus years we have been in business, and in order to fulfill our commitment to our customers, we have an open communication system between Bart, Michelle, JR and other key support people in the field. This structure allows for the future success of both our company and that of our customers.